Alfred Aholo Apaka
Hawaii's Golden Voice
Alfred Apaka
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1999 Liner Notes of the Year! Received the prestigious
Na Hoku Hanohano Award

from the Hawaiian Academy of Recording Arts.

Hawaii’s Golden Voice – Alfred Apaka – is a true Hawaiian legend.
His voice expressed the romance and enchantment of Hawaii
as no one else ever has!
Recorded in Hawaii 1945 – 1949, we bring you a collection of
post-war recordings from this legendary performer.

This 16 selection historical anthology accurately portrays
the early years of Alfred Apaka.
These are the songs that led up to the world discovering this handsome Hawaiian with the golden baritone voice. He possessed a voice that could range from B flat to E with incredible agility.

He was a consummate balladeer who must be credited as a major factor
in the popularization of Hawaiian music for two decades.
These are the recordings that started it all! Extensive historical liner notes together with the memories of Benny Kalama and Randy Oness,
as well as rare photographs  are also included. A CLASSIC!

Alfred Aholo Apaka statue at HHVH, Waikiki
Alfred Aholo Apaka
statue at HHVH, Waikiki

from Harry B. Soria's Website
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